Hey there, new friends!

I'm Andreia - a mom, a spreadsheet nerd, and a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. If you're looking for someone who can turn a random thought into a money-making idea, look no further!

But let's get real for a second - I'm not exactly a well-rounded business guru. Being the right brained genius that I am 😆, I'm great at being creative and coming up with big plans, but when it comes to putting in the actual work, let's just say I'm not the most operationally savvy person.

Between juggling kids, businesses, day job, household, ADHD brain, and everything else in between, it's almost impossible to NOT be a hot mess.

Despite my shortcomings, in December 2019, I launched my party supplies business on Etsy, only to have COVID come in like a wrecking ball a few months later. Talk about terrible timing! But thanks to some creative thinking and a whole lot of grit, I managed to surpass $100k in sales a year and a half later. Who says you can't party during a pandemic? 🎉

But as my business grew, so did my to-do list. I was working day and night, and my productivity started to plummet. I didn't want to spend a fortune on subscription services and software to help me automate my business.

So, I did what any self-respecting spreadsheet geek would do - I created my own tools!

Using Google Sheets (which is 100% free, by the way), I crafted personalized, automated systems that saved me a boatload of time and energy.

And then it hit me - I could sell these tools and help others achieve the same level of productivity! It was a win-win.

Now I am on a mission to share my spreadsheet secrets with the world!

With years of experience in data analysis and spreadsheet creation, I have developed a passion for helping others understand and utilize the power of data.

My #lifegoal is to show the world that spreadsheets don't have to be boring or overwhelming, and that it can help ANYONE manage their daily life and business more efficiently.

And the best part? If you want to start a business, selling spreadsheets is pure PASSIVE INCOME! Create it once, sell it over and over again.

So, whether you want to create tools to help you manage your daily life so you can have more time for things that you love, or want to start making money while you sleep, the big question is:

Are you ready to join me on this journey to becoming a spreadsheet superstar?

Let's do this!



thanks for stopping by!